Banking services in China
As approved by China Banking Regulatory Commission, Bangkok Bank China may engage in various kinds of foreign exchange business and Renminbi services to all types of customers, with the business scope of the Bank to include:

1. Taking in deposits from the general public
2. Granting short-term, medium-term and long-term loans
3. Handling acceptance and discount of negotiable instruments
4. Buying and selling government bonds and financial bonds, buying and selling non-stock negotiable securities denominated in foreign currencies
5. Providing L/C (letter of credit) services and guaranties
6. Handling domestic and overseas settlements
7. Buying and selling foreign currencies
8. Inter-bank funding business
9. Bank-card business
10. Providing service of safety-deposit box
11. Providing credit standing investigation and consultation service
12. Other services by approval of China Banking Regulatory Commission.